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OER (Open Educational Resources) World Map

Posted by Marcus Zillman

OER (Open Educational Resources) World Map

OER World Map shares information on behalf of the worldwide OER community, using local knowledge to describe the OER ecosystem. Built with cutting edge linked open data technology, OER World Map visualizes the world of OER and supports a range of widgets and tools through powerful statistical analysis. OER World Map is built by hbz and graphthinking GmbH with funding from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. The OER World Map is: 1) a tool to collect and store data by, about and for the OER community; 2) a set of tools to visualize the data; 3) open to contribution by individuals and institutions; 4) built on state of the art linked open data technology; 5) aiming at maximum openess, connectivity and reusability; and 6) owned and driven by the OER community. The OER World Map can be used” a) to find and contact OER experts; b) to find OER services in order to use them for learning; c) to find OER services in order to develop technical infrastructure like search engines; d) to connect institutions and foster inter institutional cooperation; and e) in many other ways. This will be added to Education and Academic Resources Subject Tracer™.

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