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ShareLaTex – Online LaTeX Editor

Posted by Marcus Zillman

ShareLaTex – Online LaTeX Editor

Quickly Start Using LaTeX and Work Together In Real-time. Features include: a) A LaTeX Editor for smooth collaboration – Keep your LaTeX collaborators up to date by letting everyone access and edit the same LaTeX document. The days of making sure everyone has access to the latest version are over; the latest version is always available online. You can even work on the document at the same time as your collaborators with our real-time editor, and our built in chat will help you communicate while you’re editing; b) A LaTeX Editor that is easy to use – ShareLaTeX is the easiest LaTeX editor to get started if you’ve never used LaTeX before. There’s no installation needed and our example projects are ready to be compiled with one click. You or your collaborators no longer need to be experts in LaTeX to be able to edit your documents effectively. Our editor also highlights any errors in the LaTeX log to make debugging as simple as possible; c) Work on LaTeX from anywhere – You can access our LaTeX editor and compile your LaTeX documents from any computer with an internet connection. You don’t need to worry about getting LaTeX set up on each computer you use, and compatibility issues are gone. There are no lock-ins and you can download your projects to work offline any time you like. You can also upload existing documents to get your work onto ShareLaTeX quickly; and d) Easily sync with your offline files – Work offline using dropbox. Dropbox sync keeps all of your LaTeX projects synced to your dropbox folder. You can make changes inside your dropbox then see them sync back to ShareLaTeX. Collaborate with users who like to work offline with their own tools by sharing the Dropbox folder with them. This will be added to the tools section of Research Resources Subject Tracer™ Information Blog.

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