eCommerce Resources On the Internet 2018

eCommerce Resources On the Internet 2018
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eCommerce Resources ( is a Subject Tracer™ Information Blog developed and created by the Virtual Private Library™. It is designed to monitor eCommerce resources on the World Wide Web and listed below. We always welcome suggestions of additional sites and resources to be added to this comprehensive listing and please submit by clicking here. This site has been developed and maintained by Marcus P. Zillman, M.S., A.M.H.A.; Internet expert, author, keynote speaker, and consultant. His latest white papers include Searching the Internet, Academic and Scholar Search Engines and Sources, and Knowledge Discovery Resources 2017. All of his Subject Tracer™ Information Blogs and his white papers are available from  His latest monthly column is available by clicking here. Subscribe to his free monthly Awareness Watch™ Newsletter. Learn more by clicking here.

eCommerce Resources and Sites:

350 Web Pages – Free Website Builder – Electronic Commerce

AddShoppers – Social Sharing Platform for Online Retailers

Adobe EchoSign

Adsense Alternatives

Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications by Jesse James Garrett

Alexa Analytics for any Web Site

Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS)

AmericanListed – Family Friendly and Local Classifieds

App Icon Template

Apptoto – Automated Appointment Reminder

Attentiv – Make Meetings Matter

Bag Borrow or Steal – Borrow or Rent the Latest Authentic Designer handbags, Purses and Sunglasses

Bauction – Wholesale for Retailers with Tax Number [Site is in Dutch]

BlackLocus – Intelligence To Drive Your Competitive Pricing Strategy

Blinksale – Invoice Online

BookWhen – Online Booking and Registrations

BoxRockit – A Simple Way To Sell Your Digital Products on Twitter

BrandDoozie – Web Tool for Do It Yourself Marketing

BrowserStack – Live Web-Based Browser                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

BTBuckets – Engage Your Users with Free Segmentation and Behavioral Targeting Tool

Business Intelligence Resources

CamStudio – Opensource Free Streaming Video Software

Carbonite – Online Automated Backup

Center for Research in Electronic Commerce

ChargeBee – Plug and Play Billing Solution On the Cloud

CHARTIO – Analytics for Everyone

ClickTale – In-Page Web Analytics Business Intelligence

Cloud Contact Forms

Competitor Monitor – Monitoring Your Competitors Prices and Products

CouponCabin – Save with Free Coupon Codes & Discounts

Crazy Egg – Visualize Your Visitors

cuge – Customer Generated Evaluation

Current Awareness Monitors, Alerts and Information Traps

Cyclos – Open Source Online Banking Software

DeepLink- Leading Deep Linking Plarform for Apps

Desktopify – Build Widgets for Windows and Mac

DigitalBucket – Enterprise Cloud Based Content Management System

Digital Economy Fact Book 2007

Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

diyFractional – Share Anything – Do It Yourself Fractional Ownership                                                                                                                                                                                                                          – Make the Content and Links That You Share Work For You

Doctor Ebiz Newsletter

DoubleClick Ad Planner by Google

E-conomy Project™ – University of California

EasyAsk eCommerce Search

eBay Classifieds – Free, Friendly and Local

eBusiness at MIT

eBusiness Current and Archived Magazine Articles

eBusiness Resources

eCommerce Info Centre – Victoria’s ECommerce Advantage

eCommerce Resources

eCommerce Software Directory

E-Commerce Times

Electronic Commerce Research

Electronic Commerce Resources



eMarketingBot – Your Search Engine for Marketing Resources – Online Billing System

Envolve – Facebook Style Embeddable Chat for Your Website

Estimote – Real-World Context For Your Apps

FastCommerce – Everything You Need to Run Your Online Business Free or Fee

FatFreeCart – Free Version of E-junkie Shopping Cart

Federal Acquisition Jumpstation – Free Video Classified Network

Fit for Commerce – eCommerce Diligence

Fiverr – Buy, Sell, Have Fun for $5

FollowBase – Customer Service and Support via Twitter

Formsly – User Friendly Contact Pages

Formstack – The Smart Way to Collect and Manage Data

Fotomoto – Sell Your Photos From Your Own Website

Free Icon Editor – Free Shipping Coupons & Coupon Codes

Genbook – Online Appointments

GlobalSpec – Engineering Search and Industrial Supplier Catalogs

GoDaddy – Domain Names and Website Creation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

GoodRelations Vocabulary – Semantic Web Based eCommerce

Google Adwords Keyword Planner

Google Agency Toolkit for Advertising

Google Analytics – One Extended Service Plan Protects Multiple Products

Growth and Marketing Tools

Gumiyo – Online Classified Advertisements Using Mobile Phones

HitWise – Competitive and Search Intelligence for Online Advertising and Search

HOTforms123 – Online Survey Builder

How To Make a Podcast                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Huddler – Next Step in the Evolution of Online Communities

Identity Commons


Instapage – Build and A/B Test Landing Pages In Minutes

International Center for Electronic Commerce

International Journal of Electronic Business (IJEB)

International Journal of Electronic Finance (IJEF)

International Journal of Web Services Research (IJWSR)

Internet Hoaxes

iqZone – Mobile Advertisements

iSpionage – Competitive Advantage for Search Marketing Campaigns

Kellysearch – B2B Product Search Engine

Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations (JECO)

Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce

Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research (JTAER)

Keyword Competitor Tool – Research and Monitor Competitors

Lander – Create Landing Pages in Minutes

LaunchRock – A Site builder Dedicated To Early Customer Acquisition

Magento – Open Source eCommerce Platform

Minubo – All-In-One eCommerce Cloud Business Intelligence Solution

Moblized – Discover Apps and Supercharge Your Business

Moniitor – Website Monitoring and Ranking

MooBiz – Easy Online Small Business Software

Most Popular Keywords on Search Engines (Requires Free Registration)

My eStore App

My Voucher Code

Need Scripts

NET Institute

NETNOMICS: Economic Research and Electronic Networking

NicheBot – WordTracker Keywords

OASIS – Advancing Open Standards

OggChat – Live Chat and Help Software

Olark – Easy Live Chat for Engaging Visitors and Converting Sales

Onepager – Build a Beautiful Simple Website for Your Small Business

Open Digital Rights Language (ODRL) Initiative

Open Directory – Business: eCommerce: Marketplaces

OpenCart – Open Source PHP-Based Online Shopping Cart System

Open Near Me

OpenX – Maximizes Ad Revenue for Digital Media Companies                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Opportunity Mining – Automated Selling

osCommerce Knowledge Base

osCommerce – Open Source E-Commerce Solutions

Panjo – Marketplace Home to the World’s Greatest Enthusiasts

PayloadZ – Sell Files and Downloads



PointDrive – Accelerate Sales Opportunities

Ponoko – Personal Manufacturing Platform [3D Printing, Laser Cutting etc]

Populr – Create and Share Secure, Trackable WebPages

PrestaShop – Free e-Commerce Shopping Cart Software

ProcessWall – Cloud Based, On Demand, Trading and Collaboration Platform

Qubes OS – A Reasonably Secure Operating System

Rather Be Shopping – Free Online Coupons and Links

RDF – Resource Description Framework

Reactful – Real Time Optimization Technology

Recommendation Engine

Response-O-Matic – Create Online Contact Forms – Collection of Schemas

Script Resources

Search Funnels – Keyword Research and Intelligence

Segment – Simplify Your Analytics

SellerActive – Multichannel Inventory Management

Sellers Engine

SessionCam – Record, Understand, Optimize

Share – Free Tools To Grow Your Website Traffic – Digital Commerce Community

Shopify – A Shop In Minutes – Ecommerce Software

ShoppingBots and online Shopping Resources 2014

SignNow – Fastest and Simplest Way To Sign a Document

SimplyBill – Simple Powerful Invoice Management

SiteSupra – Create Great Looking Free Responsive Websites

Smartling – Real-Time Translation

SnapEngage – Live Chat                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Social QR Code – Use with Traditional and Social Marketing – Free Software Download Directory

SourceMetrics – Social Marketing Optimization and Analytics Platform

Spaces – Start Your New Business Today

Spreedly – Secure and Tokenize Credit Card Data Across Broadest Range of Payment Endpoints

SpringMetrics – Latest Website Analytic Tools                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

StrikeIron Web Services MarketPlace

Test the Load Time of a Web Page

Text to Logo – Create Free Logos with Online Logo Makers

TheFindGreen – Green Stores, Organic Brands and Fair Trade Products

The Promise of Internet Intermediary Liability

The Web Engineering Community Portal

The WorkShop – Sales Leads

TinyPass – A powerful e-Commerce Platform That Helps Sites Charge For Access To Content

Top Alternatives – Discover 360 Tools For Your Website

TrackConsole – Web Analytics

TrendsBuzz – Follow The Latest Searched Words

TrustWatch from GeoTrust – Website Verification Service

twtQpon – Social Media Coupon Creator

UDDI – Universal Description, Discovery and Integration of Web Services

UMapper – Create, Manage, Distribute and Monetize Online Maps

UMBC Institute for Global Electronic Commerce

Universal Business Language 1.0

://URLFAN – Blogosphere Popularity Intelligence


Vendor Relationship Management

Viewbix – Empower Your Video

Virtual Economy Research Network (VERN)

ViTrue – Web 2.0 Brand Marketing

Vogogo Online Payments – Marketplace for Voice Overs, Voice Over Talent and Voice Actors – Real Estate Mobile Marketing

Web Marketing Today                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


WeVideo – Create Videos Anywhere

Wholesalers Directory – Dropshipping, Wholesale Suppliers and Wholesale Directory

Widgetbox™ – Widget Directory and Gallery – WantItGotIt Exchange

Wildfire – Interactive Promotions for Brand Marketing

WorldLister – A Smarter Way To Sell Online

World Wide Web Reference

Wufoo – HTML Form Builder, Free Contact Forms and Online Surveys

Wylio – Picture Finder and Resizer

X.Commerce – Flexible, Scalable Commerce-Related Solutions                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

XMethods – Publicly Available Web Services

You Don’t Need a CRM

Zaplee – VOIP Call Center Solution

Zilok – Peer To Peer Rental Marketplace

Zingaya – Let Your Site Visitors Call Your Without a Phone

Zoho Invoice – Online Quick and Easy Invoicing

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