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The Rapid Idea Evaluation Application

Posted by Marcus Zillman

The Rapid Idea Evaluation Application

Attract, evaluate & manage business ideas from your website. The Rapid Idea Evaluation app is designed for Business Incubators, Business Websites, Entrepreneurship & Start-up Support Programmes and any organization tasked with helping the development of business ideas. Embedded in your website, site visitors can assess their business ideas in a matter of minutes through a series of multiple choice questions, covering key areas of the start-up development process. This provides them with objective initial feedback that makes them think about the key areas they need to address. It provides you with a way of attracting leads and then managing them at arms length to begin with, pushing the onus onto clients to come to you with a realistic outlook. All administered online in a matter of minutes. This will be added to Entrepreneurial Resources Subject Tracer™. This will be added to Start Up Resources for the Entrepreneur white paper.

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