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1000+ Open Textbooks and Learning Resources for All Subjects

Posted by Marcus Zillman

1000+ Open Textbooks and Learning Resources for All Subjects

The textbook price problem is getting out of hand. CollegeBoard estimates that, on average, undergraduate students at public universities will have spent about $1,298 on textbooks and supplies in the 2015-2016 school year. For in-state students, this number is actually higher than their annual tuition! There is good news, though: The open content movement is on the rise, and there are hundreds of open source textbooks and educational resources available online. What are open source textbooks and educational resources? The definition is rather simple: they are textbooks and online classes licensed under open copyright licenses (e.g., Creative Commons). Since they are freely available, you can either read them online or download them as PDFs at no cost. (You may, however, have to pay a small amount if you wish to get a hard copy.) So this list is essentially a free online textbook library. Here, they have gathered hundreds of links to open textbooks and online courses from different websites and sorted them by subject. Who are the open source textbooks for? a) College and high school students who can use them as a free or cheap alternative to their textbooks; b) Educators who can adapt the textbooks to their courses and distribute copies to their students (read more about what’s permissible under different Creative Commons Licenses); and c) Anyone who wants to learn and study. How do you use this list? 1) The textbooks and educational resources are listed by subject. You can navigate to a specific section using the links; and 2) If you’re looking for a specific textbook, author, or topic, just press Ctrl+F to search for any keyword. This will be added to Tutorial Resources Subject Tracer™. This has been added to Student Research Resources Subject Tracer™.

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