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Adrift: the Secret World of Space Junk

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Adrift: the Secret World of Space Junk

“Most people would be really surprised if you told them there was two million pieces of space junk…surrounding the earth as close to 160 kilometers away,” notes sound artist Nick Ryan. Ryan, along with film director Cath Le Couteur, are the masterminds behind Adrift, an unusual, multifaceted project about space debris. This project, which will appeal to art fans and space fans alike, is made up of three components: Watch, Adopt, and Listen. First, visitors may watch a short documentary film by Le Couteur that explores the history of space debris. In fact, the film is partially narrated from the imagined perspective of three actual pieces of space junk. In a similar spirit, the Adopt portion of the project provides an interactive experience where participants follow and exchange tweets with the three anthropomorphized pieces of space junk on Twitter. Finally, visitors can Listen and learn about Ryan’s unique sound art project based on the prevalence of space debris. Ryan’s project incorporates a phonograph and real-time data about space debris to create sound for a phenomenon that is silent. Although space junk travels at 17,500 mph, it makes no sound because it exists in the vacuum conditions of space. Each of these three. components of Adrift are engaging and highly informative. This will be added to Astronomy Resources Subject Tracer™. Copyright © 2017 Internet Scout Research Group –

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