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Apsalar – Mobile Marketing Cloud

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Apsalar – Mobile Marketing Cloud

User insights and audiences to drive maximum ROI. Featurs include: Attribution – The attribution component of our mobile marketing cloud gauges marketing performance and measures in-app user behaviors for your app business. Prove the power of your marketing and user engagement efforts. Enjoy universal media coverage including Facebook, innovative features like user-level uninstall insights and outstanding reliability; b) Analytics – The analytics component of our mobile marketing cloud reveals your business health along with comprehensive user-level insights. Analyze your data and leverage advanced ecommerce insight to provide both real-time and long-term views of your business. Profile your users to learn how to attract and retain your most valuable customer relationships; c) Audiences – The unique audience segmentation component of our mobile marketing cloud empowers you to build high-performing audiences based on user characteristics and behaviors. Create real-time audiences of your most valuable users to capitalize on major business opportunities like cart abandons, new user engagement, lapsed usage and more; and d) Distribution – The distribution component of our mobile marketing cloud synchronizes high-performing user audiences to any media or technology partner. Leverage your high-value audiences to drive incremental sales and engagement. Enterprise-grade security enables you to share your audiences while protecting against first-party data leakage. This will be added to Entrepreneurial Resources Subject Tracer™. This will be added to eMarketingBot Search Engines.

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