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Blog Postings On Break May 13th – May 21st 2017

Posted by Marcus Zillman

My blog posting will be on break from today the 13th of May through Saturday May 21st. Posting will begin again on Monday the 23rd. My Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts will also be on break again returning on the 21st of May. Will be enjoying this off the grid break with my wife and visiting a number of excellent places!! I wish you all a terrific week!!! Please review my yesterday posting: 1) Entrepreneurial Resources 2017 now 154 freely available pages and a true bible and a must reference for all Entrepreneurs!!; and 2) My Zillman Column June 2017 covering New Economy Resources 2017 … a true 50 page resources giving all the latest New Economy resources to make you a Digital New Economy Guru!!! If you are reading this on my blog just scroll down to the next posting. If you found this posting via search just click on the links that I have supplied within this posting … either way you will be able to have these great resources and enjoy!! Please spread the word to all your friends, associates and social networks!!

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