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DataWallet – Connect, Get Paid, Enjoy

Posted by Marcus Zillman

DataWallet – Connect, Get Paid, Enjoy

Data is everywhere. With every little Like on Facebook, any picture we take, and any song we listen to on our smartphone or computer, we create data. We create roughly 5GB of data each day. Next year, we’ll create about 6.5GB. It sounds unbelievable, but 90% of all data that ever existed was created in the past 2 years. But even though we create this data on a daily basis, we don’t seem to own it. Firms called Data Brokers collect whatever data they can get their hands on behind our backs, put them into profiles, and sell them. We don’t know who is sourcing what part of our data, who buys it and for what purpose. Also we are not included in the value chain and paid for the data we create. More than $300 billion is spent each year on personal data. Data Brokers should not control what happens to our data. Data Brokers should not exclude us from seeing how our data is being used. And most importantly, Data Brokers should not pocket the money that companies pay for OUR data. This is why they built DataWallet. With their platform, they put you in charge of your data. They give you full control to decide who gets to buy your data, what data they get to buy, and most importantly, they make sure that 100% of the money paid for your data is paid out to no one else than you. This will be added to Entrepreneurial Resources Subject Tracer™.

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