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Posted by Marcus Zillman


Gather is a place where you can share the things that matter to you with the people that matter to you, too. You can connect around a Supreme Court nominee, an Umbrian chicken recipe, a new album by Aimee Mann, or your child’s soccer game. You can share your thoughts with the entire world, or exchange ideas, photography, audio (even podcasts), or video with just your friends, your family, or your work colleagues. You can connect with your book club, your PTA, your management team, or your committee to elect a new great leader in town on Gather. They will give you a place where your group can share information with one another or with the world. And the dreaded question: how much does it cost? How about if they pay you for a change? No, really, no kidding. You will be creating great content on Gather, for audiences large and small. Some of the things you contribute might be brilliant, novel, and interesting to a lot of people. Some might bring people from around the web to try Gather for the first time. That creates real value for other Gather users and they want to reward you for doing it. This has been added to Social Informatics Subject Tracer™ Information Blog.

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