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Global Information Quality Series

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Global Information Quality Series

Increased cross-collaboration among state, local, tribal (SLT), and federal justice entities to share personally identifiable information (PII) forms the information and records that underlie justice decision making. With this increased sharing, it is also imperative that justice entities address the quality of this information. Failure to do so can result in harm to individuals, lawsuits and liability, public criticism, inefficient use of resources, spread of inaccurate information, or inconsistent actions within agencies. Further, the collection and sharing of poor quality information raises serious privacy concerns, because the two concepts are inherently linked. Quality information plays an extremely important role in the protection of the privacy rights of individuals. To assist justice agencies in their reliance on quality information, DOJ’s Global has published an information quality (IQ) series that provides practical guidance on how to develop and implement an agencywide information quality program. Using a progressive “step” approach, this series provides agencies with resources from beginning to end—from raising awareness of IQ to the evaluation of the agency’s information, ending with the implementation of an agencywide IQ program. Global’s IQ series contains a suite of products designed to meet a range of IQ program needs for any size justice entity. This will be added to Information Quality Resources Subject Tracer™.

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