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Instructables – Step By Step Collaboration

Posted by Marcus Zillman


Instructables – Step By Step Collaboration

Instructables is a website brought to you by the partners at They make a lot of stuff, for business, and for pleasure. They have been looking for a long time for a convenient system for documenting their how-to projects, and the things they make, but it simply didn’t exist. They decided they would have to develop it themself, and here it is, it will evolve as they grow to meet their own rigorous demands, and those of their users. Principal in our demands is convenience – it should take less time to document a project than it did to build it. They have been thinking and working in this space indirectly for more than 5 years, following the developments in Open Source Software, blogs, wikis, and version control systems. This has been added to Tutorial Resources Subject Tracer™ Information Blog.

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