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Jobmanji – Employment Search Engine

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Jobmanji – Employment Search Engine

In simple terms Jobmanji is like using Google to search for jobs. They know that hunting for work can be a struggle – it’s a jungle out there and it’s easy to go bananas trying to navigate it – so thet are on a mission to match the right jobseeker with the right employer. Their aim is that every vacancy is successfully filled, to everyone’s satisfaction. To achieve this, they bring all the jobs together in one place, aggregating information from job boards, recruitment agencies and companies and saving jobseekers from spending lots of time trawling though all the many individual sites. In fact, Jobmanji indexes thousands of jobs every day throughout the United Kingdom, America, Romania and Canada, and every day the number of employers and jobseekers using Jobmanji is increasing. There are other job search engines however Jobmanji brings you the largest selection of jobs and we aim to make job hunting simple and fun. Features include: a) The Jobmanji search engine is one of the fastest in the recruitment industry; b) They bring the latest jobs to you and keep our records up to date; c) Jobseekers can look for work using a variety of different keywords; d) They ensure their results accurately match your search criteria and remove duplicates; e) You can search for any type of job – by industry, location and even trending topics; f) There are no irrelevant ads and they don’t generate SPAM; g) They provide job description information; h) They help candidates from all backgrounds and professions; and i) They provide candidates with a career centre. This will be added to Employment Resources Subject Tracer™

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