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Journal of Academic Legal Studies

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Journal of Academic Legal Studies

The Journal of Academic Legal Studies (JOALS) is a new, free access online journal initiated by the Centre for Applied Linguistics of the University of Hannover. It aims to provide young legal scholars with an entry point into the world of academic publishing, applying a rigid peer-review system whilst acknowledging that high quality academic work can be produced by undergraduates, postgraduates and postdoctoral scholars alike. For each issue of the journal, which shall appear regularly in both a Spring and a Fall issue, with the possibility of special issues on particularly interesting points of law, it is intended to achieve a combination of
articles from established scholars and young academics as well as professionals and young lawyers. The University of Hannover is actively seeking to involve other universities, especially in the UK, the Republic of Ireland and the United States, in this project. Contributions are currently solicited, ranging from full articles to book reviews of interesting works of legal literature. Although an international focus in encouraged, it is not a requirement for consideration. Furthermore, reviewers are actively sought by the Journal, to help choose the contributions which will most advance debate in their respective fields. This will be added to Legal Resources 2006 Internet MiniGuide.

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