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Journal of Hymenoptera Research

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Journal of Hymenoptera Research

The Journal of Hymenoptera Research is a peer-reviewed, open-access, rapid online journal launched to accelerate research on all aspects of Hymenoptera. Journal of hymenoptera Research publishes papers of high scientific quality reporting comprehensive research on all aspects of Hymenoptera, including biology, behavior, ecology, systematics, taxonomy, genetics, and morphology. Taxonomic papers describing single species are acceptable if the species has economic importance or provides new data on the biology or evolution of the genus or higher taxon. Manuscript length generally should not exceed 50 typed pages; however, no upper limit on length has been set for papers of exceptional quality and importance, including taxonomic monographs at generic or higher level. Journal of Hymenoptera Research considers the following categories of papers for publication:

* Original research articles,
* Reviews as longer articles, offering a comprehensive overview, historical analysis or/and future perspectives of a topic,
* Monographs and collection of papers with no limit in size, published as ‘special issues’,
* Short communications,
* Letters and Discussion papers,
* Book reviews.

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