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LLRX – 2021 Guide to Internet Privacy Resources and Tools

Posted by Marcus Zillman

LLRX – 2021 Guide to Internet Privacy Resources and Tools

Technology has significantly changed our concept of online privacy as well as our ability to secure it. The are a wide spectrum of tools, services, and strategies available to assist you in the effort to maintain a sliding scale of privacy in an increasingly porous, insecure online environment. Whether you are browsing the internet, using email or SMS, encrypting data on PCs or mobile phones, trying to choose the best VPN, or working to secure your online services from cybercrime, hacking or surveillance, Marcus Zillman has identified a wide range of sources for you to consider. The foundational issue regarding privacy is that you must be proactive, diligent and persistent in evaluating and using multiple applications for email, search, file transfer, and social media. There is no “one size fits all” solution, and your vigilance and willingness to remain flexible in applying effective solutions will be an ongoing process.

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