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LLRX> Guide to Privacy Resources 2019

Posted by Marcus Zillman

LLRX> Guide to Privacy Resources 2019

This guide by Marcus P. Zillman is a comprehensive listing of free privacy applications, tools and services that users may implement across multiple devices. These applications are from a range of sources that include small and large tech companies as well as subject matter specific websites, consumer industry groups and organizations. The focus of this article is on leveraging the latest technology and information that allows users to: (1) identify privacy issues and (2) implement privacy protections specific to their requirements, that span email, phone calls, chats, text messages, web browsing, computer drives and files, networks, collaboration spaces, and your photos. It is critical that users remain vigilant regarding privacy issues and to understand that it is increasingly the responsibility of the user/customer to actively identify and exercise controls (and to follow those controls applied in the workplace) to limit, block or otherwise curtail access to your organization’s network, as well as to your personal data, email, social media, personal identifying information (PII), search histories, IM/chats, e-commerce transactions, and identity management actions. Each of us must take the time to determine the risks that are present in our use of the web, and proactively implement services to add requisite layers of defense against malicious actors as well as organizations that are aggregating our data outside the scope of our knowledge. The uses of aggregated data include: marketing and sales, spam, phishing, and to undermine legitimate communications between individuals, teams, groups, organizations. The resources in this guide are in a sense a pick-list from which you may choose based on whether online privacy is a matter that is important enough to spend time exploring your options from among the many tools available. In addition, you must determine whether you will accept a certain level of inconvenience to implement security protections that may in some measure slow down the speed of your internet connection.

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