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Maps of the World

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Maps of the World, Your window to the world, has been conceived, designed and owned by Compare Infobase Limited, and managed by MapXL Inc – which represents the portal in the global market. Since its inception in 2003, has grown phenomenally – in terms of information as well reach. It has been serving quality maps of 192 countries ranging from political, physical to varied thematic maps and free downloadable maps. With a staggering 70,000 pages of quality content and over 8000 maps, the site attracts over 190,000 visitors every day and has a Quantcast rank of 1,068. Apart from maps, it has a dedicated section on USA maps, covering its cities and counties and provides maps in various languages like German and Spanish. They are globally renowned for mapping solutions and authentic information on a plethora of relevant topics. This user-friendly portal offers a comprehensive range of information about the world in the form of easily understandable map images. Besides being a treasure trove for all kinds of global maps, also provides ready-made and custom maps for publishing, data sets, GIS services and content development services across all industry segments. This has been added to Reference Resources Subject Tracer™ Information Blog.

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