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MyHeritage – Genealogy Search Engine

Posted by Marcus Zillman

MyHeritage – Genealogy Search Engine was founded by a team of people with a passion for genealogy and a strong grasp of Internet technology. Their vision has been to make it easier for people around the world to use the power of the Internet to discover their heritage and strengthen their bonds with family and friends. They are based in the beautiful village of Bnei Atarot, near Tel Aviv, Israel, founded by German Templars in 1902 under the name of Wilhelma. Inspired by the surrounding fields and orchards and the lovely renovated Templar villas, one of which serves as their headquarters, they strive to use the tools of tomorrow for researching the family histories of yesterday. If you are passionate like them about researching what made you the way you are, and sharing your experiences with family members and friends, then MyHeritage is the place for you. This has been added to Genealogy Resources Subject Tracer™ Information Blog.

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