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New Zealand Electronic Text Centre

Posted by Marcus Zillman

New Zealand Electronic Text Centre

The New Zealand Electronic Text Centre has four aims: a) To create a digital library providing open access to significant New Zealand and Pacific Island texts and materials. This encompasses both digitised heritage material and born-digital resources; b) To effectively partner with other organisations, as a collaborator and service provider, on a variety of digitisation and digital content projects; c) To build a wider community skilled in the use and creation of digital materials through teaching and training activities and by publishing and presenting the results of research; and d) To work at the intersection of computing tools with textual material and investigate how these tools may be used to make new knowledge from our cultural inheritance. Acting on these goals, NZETC is engaged in an ongoing programme of digitisation and hosts an expanding online library. The standards-based collection is delivered through an Open Source framework and offers full and free access to a range of materials in multiple formats for download or online browsing. Today the NZETC collection contains over 2,600 texts (around 65,000 pages) and receives over 10,000 visits each day. This has been added to Research Rdesources Subject Tracer™ Information Blog. This will be added to Academic and Scholar Search Engines and Sources white paper.

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