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PassParYou – Your Hacker-Proof Digitaly Identity

Posted by Marcus Zillman

PassParYou – Your Hacker-Proof Digitaly Identity

The Blockchain is a transaction database shared by all nodes participating in a system based on the Bitcoin protocol. This is the main innovation introduced in the Bitcoin protocol. It guarantees that a single data added in this transaction database has to be confirmed by distributed node. Once confirmed, that data can’t be modified, because all data subsequently added should be also modified in a consistent manner. That’s something impossible. How it works: 1) Create your digital identity, 2) Signup to web sites without filling a single form; and 3) Get recognized! The website automatically authenticates you. Screen size doesn’t matter, instantaneous access is provided for any device. Your data security is their primary worry. The use of Blockchain, supported by state-of-art encryption standard, provides you with the highest level of security. They are constantly auditing their systems to ensure data is never breached, and their identity verification system ensures no one can use your personal data to registrate or log in. Their services include: a) Digital Identity – Your data under Your control. Passparyou creates a personal digital identity in Blockchain’s decentralized network that absolutely no one is able to manipulate; b) Automatic Login and Sign-up – They allow friction-less Login and Sign-up to your favourite sites. No more dull registration procedures or password headaches; and c) Easy and reliable API – Integration to your website is as simple as sending RESTful requests! We take care of the rest. Clear and exhaustive documentation. This will be added to Privacy Resources Subject Tracer™.

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