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Perspectives on Psychological Science

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Perspective on Psychological Science

Perspectives on Psychological Science

A Journal of the Association for Psychological Science (formerly the American Psychological Society) … Forthcoming 2006. Perspectives on Psychological Science will publish an eclectic mix of articles that are enjoyable to read and thought-provoking, and at the same time present the latest important advances in psychology. The goal of Perspectives is for cutting-edge science to be communicated in a lively and interesting way that is understandable by all psychologists. Perspectives is an exciting new development because of the diverse types of articles that will be published, and because it will encompass the entire field of psychology. Not only will the diverse areas of psychology be covered in the journal, but related areas in other behavioral and social sciences and neuroscience will be included as well. Perspectives will publish outstanding manuscripts that are larger and more integrative articles, including broad integrative reviews, possibly an overview of a research program, a standard literature review, meta-analytic reviews, theoretical statements, book reviews, and eclectic articles on topics such as the philosophy of science issues, opinion pieces about major issues in the field, autobiographical reflections of senior members of the field on some topic of interest, or even humorous essays and sketches. This will be added to Healthcare Resources 2006 Internet MiniGuide.

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