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Places – Privacy for the Masses

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Places – Privacy for the Masses

Places have been created by “Ansamb”, which means “together” in French Creole. Founded by a team of PhDs in Computer Science and Cognitive psychology, Places was designed to offer a totally secure and private alternative of the World “Wild” Web. When we share pictures or files on the Web, we know that somehow, someone in a company or a government can access our content. We know that these contents are backed-up and will stay on someone’s server forever. We consider that privacy is for sharing what liberty of speech is for democracy. Sharing under surveillance is not an option. With Places the era of total privacy on the Web starts now! Features include: a) Private – Places uses the highest encryption standards available. On the client side encryption, they use an algorithm that mixes asymetric (RSA 2048) and symetric encryption (aes-256). Therefore, your content is securely encrypted on your device before it even goes on the Internet; b) Open source – Places is open source because it’s the only way to ensure that a technology which deals with privacy and security is really trustable. It enables skilled enough developers to contribute to the code if needed and to build new services that would benefit to everyone in the Places community; and c) Fair deal – Places is free during all the beta. After the beta, they will aim to get money from a paying private cloud storage service that stores your content in a full encrypted version. They will let everyone know as soon as the plan gets more precise. This will be added to Privacy Resources Subject Tracer™ .

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