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SafeGov – Promoting Trusted and Responsible Cloud Computing for Government

Posted by Marcus Zillman

SafeGov – Promoting Trusted and Responsible Cloud Computing for Government is a forum for IT providers and leading industry experts dedicated to promoting trusted and responsible cloud computing solutions for the public sector. By fostering a more comprehensive understanding of cloud technologies, including their benefits, capabilities and limitations, works to empower government users to make well-informed procurement choices from the growing universe of marketplace offerings. will: a) Propose solutions, best practices and guidance to ensure that public sector customers can seize the advantages of new cloud offerings while mitigating risk; b) Provide detailed information that governments need to make complex decisions about shifting enterprise services to the cloud; c) Provide a comprehensive platform for leading experts and analysts to discuss issues affecting the broader cloud sector; d) Help foster healthy discussions of innovations and advancements in cloud computing by tracking policy developments, news coverage, and expert analysis and research; and e) Promote open competition and safe, secure, and responsible IT practices. The following principles are a foundation for this forum: 1) Data storage and integrity: Government users have the right to know how and where their data is stored and that it is stored without compromising data integrity; 2) Cloud architecture choice: The right for government customers to choose a cloud architecture that best meets their needs; 3) Accurate vendor representations: The commitment of vendors to clearly and accurately represent their capabilities, costs and ability to conform to government standards; 4) Security and privacy: The top priorities for any cloud solution should be to provide maximum security and well-defined privacy policies that reflect the interests of government customers; and 5) Level playing field: The need for open competition based on well-defined implementation and procurement policies. This will be added to Privacy Resources Subject Tracer™.

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