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Secure Messaging Scorecard by the EFF Campaign for Secure and Usable Crypto

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Secure Messaging Scorecard by the EFF Campaign for Secure and Usable Crypto

The Secure Messaging Scorecard examines dozens of messaging technologies and rates each of them on a range of security best practices. Our campaign is focused on communication technologies — including chat clients, text messaging apps, email applications, and video calling technologies. These are the tools everyday users need to communicate with friends, family members, and colleagues, and we need secure solutions for them. We chose technologies that have a large user base–and thus a great deal of sensitive user communications–in addition to smaller companies that are pioneering advanced security practices. Thet are hoping their scorecard will serve as a race-to-the-top, spurring innovation around strong crypto for digital communications. This scorecard represents only the first phase of the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s campaign for Secure and Usable Crypto. In later phases, they are planning to offer closer examinations of the usability and security of the tools that score the highest here. As such, the results in the scorecard should not be read as endorsements of individual tools or guarantees of their security; they are merely indications that the projects are on the right track. This will be added to Privacy Resources Subject Tracer™.

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