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SMS Harvest – Gather the Fruits of Your Community

Posted by Marcus Zillman

SMS Harvest – Gather the Fruits of Your Community

SMS Harvest lets large groups use their mobile phones to share thoughts, stories and their collective wisdom. It works as follows: a) 1.Attendees text in thoughts, ideas or answer questions; b) Messages are grouped by tags you set up; c) Explore the results to make sense of all the feedback; and d) Share the bounty with your community. Features include: 1) Separate buckets for apples and oranges – During your event, you can group the incoming messages into topics. Topics can overlap and you can create them on the fly; 2) Harvest Live Stream – Project the live stream up on the wall at your event to show activity from around the room in real time. Show the question you’re asking the group and the number to send SMS to; 3) Create word clouds – Quickly get a sense of the activity through Wordle word clouds. Create word clouds per topic or for subsets of messages; 4) Amplify ideas that resonate – As attendees text in their ideas, the system can text back what others said recently. This can spread ideas around and help valuable ideas rise up; 5) Works with old and new phones – Engage your community, even those with old flip phones! SMS works on all devices; and 6) Download your harvest – Export your data chronologically or as CSV into Excel or Google Docs for further analysis! Useful for groups from 10 t0 1000. This has been added to the tools section of Research Resources Subject Tracer™ Information Blog. This will be added to Entrepreneurial Resources Subject Tracer™.

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