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Terbium Labs – Matchlight Proactive Security In an Insecure World

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Terbium Labs – Matchlight Proactive Security In an Insecure World

They are a different sort of information security company. At Terbium Labs, they provide proactive solutions beginning with the assumption that your critical data is always at risk. That’s why they focus on data intelligence, building systems to find your sensitive information wherever it may appear on the internet. They are an elite group of information security professionals with expertise in everything from cryptography to large-scale information systems. They protect organizations from relentless attempts to steal data for personal, monetary, or political gain. By offering continuous, proactive monitoring of critical data and rapid breach detection, they enable companies to better manage risk and keep high-value data safe. Matchlight shifts the balance of power by providing the tools to identify and rapidly counter information theft. It proactively monitors and tracks down your stolen data, giving you the ability to find and challenge threats before the damage spreads. Matchlight scans the dark web and deep web, including the largest marketplaces and forums, for stolen data and compromised information. If even a small trace of your data appears somewhere unexpected, Matchlight notifies you immediately and automatically so you can identify the breach and quickly recover. Through an innovative method, Matchlight creates privacy-protected digital fingerprints of your data. Even partial copies of data, as small as a single credit card number or line of code, can be detected and matched against our expansive and ever-growing database. Fingerprinting is one-way. Original data cannot be reconstructed from fingerprints. This will be added to Deep Web Research and Discovery Resources. This will be added to Privacy Resources Subject Tracer™. This will be added to Entrepreneurial Resources Subject Tracer™. This has been added to the tools section of Research Resources Subject Tracer™ Information Blog.

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