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UFeed – Transforming Compulsive Eating Into Collective Help

Posted by Marcus Zillman

UFeed – Transforming Compulsive Eating Into Collective Help

From compulsive eating to collective help! You can become a philanthropist in just 4 clicks! How? Watch the video to learn more about UFeed! All their donations go to NGOs that you can find on their map. They have been working for years providing communities with access to safe water, agriculture support and long-term food security. Their help is sustainable and focused on building local capacity to manage and maintain the humanitarian aid programs. Help them to get to every child that goes to bed hungry… and share information about the NGOs that would be interested in joining their charity net. Helping has never been so easy. They don´t spend money on marketing – share your donations in social networks and spread awareness about this great cause. Track your donations! Follow their reports on the donations on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. This will be added to Social Informatics Subject Tracer™.

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