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Video Journal of Conference Presentations

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Video Journal of Conference Presentations

The Video Journal of Conference Presentations (VJCP) is a new kind of scientific journal dedicated to archiving conference presentations and providing citation information for them. The journal is built on the idea that conference presentations can have great impact on scientific development over the long term. The basic VJCP article contains a title, a list of authors with their institutional affiliations, an abstract of no more than 500 words including references and conference information, and the conference presentation (a PowerPiont presentation synchronized with a mp3 file). Individual submissions should come from the author who attended the conference and gave the presentation. Group submissions from conference organizers are encouraged but the organizers must have commitments from the presenting authors. In either case, the article copyright belongs to the listed authors. A group submission may be organized into a thematic issue if the conference organizers are willing to act as guest editors and provide an editorial forward. All the presentations archived in VJCP are open access, free to read on the Internet.

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