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White Paper> How AI and ML Tools Can Be Certified

Posted by Marcus Zillman

White Paper> How AI and ML Tools Can Be Certified

In close cooperation with the Machine Learning Institute of the JKU University (Johannes Keppler, Linz, Austria), we released a White Paper on how AI and ML tools can be certified. We believe this to be a first to the world! The big thing with Artificial Intelligence at the moment is, -since AI is still fairly new,- that many potential mainstream users shy away from using AI and ML, as they consider it a black box and don’t know what happens. And if it ever produces the results they want and need. Then there is the whole data security issue. Not to mention the implied, assumed and/or real moral issues of allowing machines to make (potentially important) decisions autonomously…! We all know about the choice of autonomous driving vehicles, (maybe) choosing the least victims when a crash is unavoidable, even if that means killing its driver and owner…. And also for developers of AI and ML tools, the challenge is to convince potential customers, that their AI is safe, reliable, not a magical black box, and most of all perform! So in order to further boost the use and spread and acceptance of AI and ML tools, an independent approval of sorts is going to be very useful. Now, as with all technical developments, standardization is lagging miles (in this case years) behind the latest developments. And so it is expected to take years, before an (inter-)national standard arrives for AI and ML tools (which might actually be outdated by then!). And so we started to see how we can help companies worldwide to improve the acceptance and use of AI and ML. This will be added to my Artificial Intelligence Resources Subject Tracer™.

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