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Filament Labs – Promoting Healthy Behaviors in Healthcare Communities

Posted by Marcus Zillman


Filament Labs – Promoting Healthy Behaviors in Healthcare Communities

Headquartered in Austin, TX, they are building an engagement platform for healthcare. They help health plans & hospitals promote healthy behaviors across their member base. Filament Labs came together at the intersection of technology, behavior design, and a shared passion for helping people build happier & healthier lives. They help healthcare communities begin & maintain wellness goals with three pillars of behavior change. Their mobile app, HealthSpark, is designed from the ground up to help community members take the first step towards health. Features include: a) Educate Users – Spark delivers daily health content tailored for a user’s current conditions and health goals; b) Build Healthy Habits – Spark coaches users to form healthy habits using leading behavior design techniques and coaching; and c) Reward Healthy Changes – Spark incentivizes long-term behavior change through tailored rewards and meaningful incentives. This will be added to Healthcare Resources Subject Tracer™.

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