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Mem-Note – Make Notes and Memorize Them

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Mem-Note – Make Notes and Memorize Them

Mem-note is an online note-taking tool designed to help you recall the notes you take rather than store them away to be forgotten. You can save time by having your notes quickly converted by the app into a question and answer flash card format. Each question is given its own review schedule to help you learn efficiently: allowing you to concentrate on new information whilst skipping material you already know. Features include: a) Straightforward Note Taking – Mem-note can be used as a fully featured online note taking application. You can add colour and images to your notes and organize them with a simple but powerful tagging system. Everything is kept safe and secure online for you to access with any internet connected device with a fast full text search built in to help you find what you need in a hurry; b) Fast Flash Card Conversion – Mem-note is based on researched learning methods. Just re-reading your notes will not help you learn – your brain will trick you into thinking you know the subject just because you recognize the text. This is why practice testing with flash cards works much better, they force you to actively recall the information rather than just recognize it. Normally creating flash cards is time consuming, involving a lot of copying and pasting from notes. With Mem-note however, the documents themselves take centre stage. Just adding questions within the text, or adding question marks to the titles, allows Mem-note to convert the text into flash cards automatically; and c) Efficient Learning – Although flash cards work well, the human brain struggles to commit a lot of new information to memory in one go. Learning is better when you keep reviewing information even if you don’t try too hard to remember it each time you look at it.  Mem-note helps you do this in an efficient way. Each question in your notes can be given its own reminder schedule. You don’t keep looking over information you already know whilst allowing you to give more attention to difficult sections. You can also customise this scheduling to suit your rate of learning. The charts on the home page will give you a visual indication of how well you know your notes and how much needs to be reviewed. This will be added to Student Research Resources Subject Tracer™. This will be added to Entrepreneurial Resources Subject Tracer™. This will be added to the tools section of Research Resources Subject Tracer™ Information Blog.

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