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DocGraphBatea – Help Improve Medical Wikipedia Articles

Posted by Marcus Zillman

DocGraphBatea – Help Improve Medical Wikipedia Articles

The Batea Chrome Extension lets you contribute clinically relevant portions of your browsing patterns to data scientists working with Wikipedia. Batea will start recording your browsing session once you visit a clinical site but ignore any other pages you visit. Your browsing data is recorded anonymously and is then combined with the data of other users to further protect your identity. The Batea study allows participants to donate specific browsing data and provide feedback on Wikipedia pages. The study is an IRB-approved data donation process which includes the Batea browser extension and secure methods of handling data. The Batea project invites researchers, academics, and data scientists to use data and software from the Batea study to improve medical education and health literacy. This will be added to Healthcare Resources Subject Tracer™.

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