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6Q – Meaningful Employee Surveys In Minutes

Posted by Marcus Zillman

6Q – Meaningful Employee Surveys In Minutes

6Q improves work lives and office morale of companies across the globe by connecting leaders to employees through their innovative six question surveys. Receive actionable feedback and measure the mood of your team in literally a few minutes, choosing a frequency that suits your organization; weekly, bi-weekly or every four weeks. Benefits include: 1) Improved employee engagement – Build better engagement and grow happiness across your teams; b) Increased productivity – Discover internal issues and resolve them quickly; c) Reduced employee turnover – Save recruitment costs and hassle through better understanding and increased engagement; d) Positive company culture – Create a culture that embraces open communication and respect; e) Improved morale – Asking for feedback improves morale and team sentiment; and f) Better teamwork – Peer recognition builds respect and improves team cohesion. Features include: 1) Peer recognition system – Our High Five system endorses better teamwork and gratitude between employees; 2) Professional question library – Over 200 employee survey questions to choose from or create your own custom questions; 3) User friendly surveys – Increase employee responses by selecting from our anonymous or individual survey types; 4) Sort by segments – Gain better insights by segmenting data by teams, locations or any filters you like; 5) Works on all devices – Designed to work on mobile, desktop or tablet. Use 6Q at the office, on the beach or anywhere you are in the world; and 6) Detailed reports – Our email and web-based reports provide actionable insights into your team sentiment. This will be added to Entrepreneurial Resources Subject Tracer™.

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