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Academy of Management Perspectives (AMP)

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Academy of Management Perspectives (AMP)

The Academy of Management Perspectives is a journal of The Academy of Management . Founded in 1936, The Academy is the leading international organization of academics and practitioners that works to foster the advancement of research, learning, teaching, and practice in the management field. It has over 15,000 members in more than 90 countries. The mission of the Academy of Management Perspectives (AMP) is to provide accessible articles about important issues concerning management and business. AMP articles are aimed at the non-specialist academic reader, not practicing managers, and rely on evidence as opposed to theory or opinion for their arguments. All articles are fundamentally based on research evidence, which can be quantitative or qualitative, but not on opinion. Articles focus on the phenomenon of business and management rather than theory; they do not necessarily have to advance the existing academic literature. Articles might include reviews of what we already know about particular topics, with an orientation specifically toward practical implications. Descriptive articles and those without a theoretical foundation, typically excluded from academic journals, might also be relevant if they advance our understanding of business and management practice. Articles in AMP translate research findings for a non-expert audience and present new evidence that describes the world of management and business. AMP is open to the wide range of topics represented within the Academy of Management, although special attention will be given to manuscripts with broad appeal to the “thought leader” audience. As a result, manuscripts that focus on issues that are of interest mainly to practicing managers will be a low priority. A useful guide in choosing a project for AMP is to ask oneself, could this manuscript be assigned to a class of business or management students?

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