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AcaWiki – Democratization of Academic Knowledge

Posted by Marcus Zillman

AcaWiki – Democratization of Academic Knowledge

AcaWiki offers a web 2.0 way of interacting with the public to increase impact. Research often languishes in academic journals, perhaps read only a few times by infrequent visitors. AcaWiki allows scholars to increase the impact of their research by enabling them to share summaries, long abstracts and literature reviews of their peer-reviewed work online. AcaWiki also encourages discussion by providing a talk page for each research paper. With a critical mass of content AcaWiki can be resource for scholars and the public. For the public, AcaWiki is a window into the world of academic research. Newspapers and magazines often write about research but there are few resources for the public to follow up with. For scholars, rather than read an entire academic paper, they now can first read the AcaWiki summary, then determine if they want to read the full paper. They also may have an easier time reading across disciplines because AcaWiki summaries are designed to be more accessible. This has been adde dto the tools section of Research Resources Subject Tracer™ Information Blog. This will be aded to Academic and Scholar Search Engines and Sources White Paper.

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