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American Journal of Biblical Theology

Posted by Marcus Zillman

American Journal of Biblical Theology

American Journal of Biblical Theology

The purpose of the Journal of Biblical Theology is to provide an outlet for theologians and theology students in the field of Biblical Theology to share their research in a peer-reviewed monthly journal environment. Consequently, papers are invited to be submitted by graduate students and those who have completed graduate degrees in any field of Christian theology and/or biblical studies. It is not the intent of this journal to stifle religious thought or expression by specifying a narrow viewpoint concerning Biblical interpretation. Therefore, the only doctrinal statements that are adhered to in this journal serve to maintain its integrity as a journal of Biblical Theology. Though other theological schools may be published and represented, the context of the editors and reviewers will adhere to the following statement: a) The sole basis of authority for Biblical Theology is the Bible, and b) The Bible, in its original form, is without any mixture of error or contradiction. This has been added to Theology Resources Subject Tracer™ Information Blog.

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