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Up – Analytics for Humans

Posted by Marcus Zillman

ThinkUp – Analytics for Humans

ThinkUp is a simple new service that offers you a completely unique set of analytics about the way you use Twitter and Facebook. ThinkUp is a smart new way to get more meaning out of all the time you spend online, offering clever, fun insights that help you no matter what your goals are online. And it’s built by a company and community that aim to respect you more than any other tech company. When you join ThinkUp, you get a simple stream showing you those insights about your Twitter and Facebook accounts. If you want, those insights can come to you in a handy email digest. You can see it in action on their cofounder Gina’s ThinkUp, or read more in their blog post welcoming everyone to ThinkUp. This will be added to Social Informatics Subject Tracer™.

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