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Astronomy Education Review

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Astronomy Education Review

The Astronomy Education Review was founded in 2001 by Sidney Wolff and Andy Fraknoi, to serve the astronomy education community in a variety of new ways as described in the journal’s mission statement. In 2009, the American Astronomical Society assumed responsibility for the publication of AER. The AAS is assisted by the generous support of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Their goal is to make it easy to find, read about, and use new ideas and resources for teaching and outreach in astronomy and space sciences. On the home page they will list the most recent articles so that you can see immediately what’s new. AER is hosted on the American Institute of Physics’ Scitation platform. AER is freely available and accessible to all. Printer-friendly reformatting of articles and search tools are provided. There is also a mechanism for receiving RSS feeds and email table of contents alerts. This has been added to Astronomy Resources Subject Tracer™ Information Blog.

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