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Awareness Watch Newsletter V14N10 October 2016

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Awareness Watch Newsletter V14N10 October 2016
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The October 2016 V14N10 Awareness Watch Newsletter is a freely available 84 pages .pdf document (598KB) from the above URL. This month’s featured report covers my eReference Library Link Dataset Toolkit 2017 and represents the latest eReference resources and sources for discovering new knowledge and understanding the latest happenings and eReference sites on the Internet! The eReference world is rapidly changing as transparency, big data and the ability to access data is all happening now and everyone will benefit from all these new and exciting eReference sources. These eReference sources are constantly updated by my Subject Tracer™ Information Bots and the latest new eReference resources are always available from the following URL: This is one of the fastest growing and constantly changing areas for eReference on the Internet and these new resources and sources will help to keep you current and up to date. This library will also help you to discover the many pathways available to you through the Internet to find the latest eReference resources, sources and sites. The Awareness Watch Spotters cover many excellent and newly released annotated current awareness research sources and tools as well as the latest identified Internet happenings and resources including a number of neat and must-have tools! The Awareness Watch Article Review covers Securing Private Data Sharing In Multi-Party Analytics by Gowtham Bellala, Bernardo Huberman.

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