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Awareness Watch Newsletter V19N8 August 2021

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Awareness Watch Newsletter V19N8 August 2021

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The August 2021 V19N8 Awareness Watch Newsletter is a freely available 47-page .pdf document (942KB) from the above URL. This month’s featured report covers 2021 New Normal ReStart and Start-Up Resources and is a comprehensive listing of the new normal restart-up and start-up resources and tools including new economy and new normal directories, subject guides, and index resources and sites on the Internet available for the 2021 year. The below list is taken partially from my white paper titled New Normal Start-Up Resources 2021 and is constantly updated with Subject Tracer™ bots at the following URL: These resources and sources will help you to discover the many new pathways available through the Internet to find the latest new and existing competent internet new normal restart and start-up resources, sources, tools, and sites. As this site is constantly updated it would be to your benefit to bookmark and return to the above URLs frequently. The below resources and sources including the deep web will be your pathfinder to all the new restart and start-up resources, tools, and alerts!! Completely updated with new links and all links validated. The Awareness Watch Spotters cover many excellent and newly released annotated current awareness resources, sources, and tools as well as the latest identified Internet happenings and resources including a number of really neat and must-have tools!

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