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BlackPhone – A Foundation Built for Privacy Including PrivatOS and Silent Space

Posted by Marcus Zillman

BlackPhone – A Foundation Built for Privacy Including PrivatOS and Silent Space

A Phone That’s More Than Just Smart. With the seemingly endless headlines about data loss and thefts, maintaining your privacy can feel overwhelming. That’s why they created Blackphone to be a secure starting point for your personal and proprietary communications. It combines a fortified Android operating system with a suite of apps designed to provide you with absolute privacy. Each Blackphone is built with PrivatOS, their custom-designed operating system that addresses modern privacy concerns. Blackphone features Silent Suite, their collection of pre-installed privacy apps, all of which are fully enabled for one year of usage. All High-End Hardware for Highest Level Security. Spaces are self-contained areas that allow you to create and manage different secure containers on your device. Think of them as impenetrable walls that protect your data from the apps running in one space and the actions happening in another. All of a sudden, one device becomes many virtual devices. With this, the uses for the Blackphone expands while simultaneously granting you greater control over your privacy. PrivatOS is pre-installed with Silent Space. This is where you’ll find the Silent Suite of apps, the Blackphone App Store, and Blackphone-selected apps geared toward privacy and secure communication. After that, it’s up to you to create any space you want. One might provide quick access to frequently used business apps that can be managed by your IT department. Another could be a personal space that aggregates your social apps. Another could be a kid-friendly space. Each space operates independently from the others. This will be added to Privacy Resources Subject Tracer™.

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