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BotPress – The WordPress of Bots

Posted by Marcus Zillman

BotPress – The WordPress of Bots

An open-source ecosystem for developers to create, manage and extend bots. Botpress is a dual-license open source bots development platform for developing bots in the same way that WordPress is a development platform for developing websites. They offer core software and compatible code modules that can be used to quickly create a chatbot in a lego-like way. They have created the tool that they wished existed. Botpress is an enterprise-grade tool for developing, deploying, managing and scaling your bots. It’s simple and intuitive, but as flexible as a bot made from scratch.Theye are trying to get the balance right between incentivizing contributions and making this a sustainable venture. Their solution is that we will only charge large, enterprise customers for use. In the future they expect to offer premium services and tools such as hosting and will make money off those services as well. This will be added to Bot Research Subject Tracer™. This will be added to ChatterBots Subject Tracer™.

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