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Cases Journal

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Cases Journal

Cases Journal is an open access, peer-reviewed online journal that publishes case reports from any area of medicine. The journal will publish any report that is understandable, ethical, authentic, and includes all information essential to its interpretation. All case reports published in the journal will be aggregated into a database, which will allow users to search for case reports by disease, drug, patient demographics and more, to find cases of most relevance to their clinical practice or research interests. They believe that aggregating the articles in a database in this way makes every case important – hence we welcome submission of ‘everyday’ cases as well as rare disorders or unusual events. Case reports with negative outcomes are as welcome as those with positive outcomes. The journal aims to publish thousands of case reports – many more than any other medical journal. Cases Journal accepts submission of case reports from any physician. Authors are encouraged to invite the patient to contribute to the case report – each article can include an optional ‘Patient’s perspective¹ section, where the patient describes their experience of the disorder and treatment. Cases Journal is a sister publication to Journal of Medical Case Reports. JMCR is a more selective journal, publishing only those case reports that are the first of their kind. Case reports published in JMCR will be aggregated into the same database as those from Cases Journal.

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