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CiteLighter – 21st Century Critical Thinking Platform

Posted by Marcus Zillman

CiteLighter – 21st Century Critical Thinking Platform

Bringing research, organization, and writing to one place. Highlight important facts. We save it, and give you the tools to add your interpretation and analysis at any time. Features include: a) Capture – Constantly copy-and-pasting little bits of information tops our list of tedious activities; along with laundry and dishes. Citelighter spares you the headache by letting you save facts in-browser with the click of a button; b) Organize – No matter how fact-crazy you get in your research, you can view each and every one of your findings in the toolbar drop-down window, and reorganize them by simply dragging and dropping them in any order you please; and c) Notes – Ever been struck by a grand thought and failed to recall it later? Yeah, it’s incredibly frustrating. Citelighter lets you add your own thoughts in the comments box while they’re still fresh in your mind, so you can put them to good use later. This has been added to the tools section of Research Resources Subject Tracer™ Information Blog.

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