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Cloud Source Repositories

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Cloud Source Repositories

Fully-featured private Git repositories hosted on Google Cloud Platform. Browse, edit and commit repository files in our integrated source editor. Activate the Cloud Debugger to debug hosted applications during runtime. Features include: a) Google-Hosted Repositories – Cloud Source Repositories are fully-featured private Git repositories hosted on Google Cloud Platform. Set up a repository as a Git remote. Push, pull, clone and log, and perform other Git operations required by your workflow; b) Connected Repositories – You can connect a Cloud Source Repository to a hosted repository on GitHub or Bitbucket. When you push a change to the connected repository, it’s automatically synced to the Cloud Source Repository, and vice-versa; c) Source Code Editor – Use our source code editor to browse and view repository files by branch, commit and tag. You can also make quick edits to files and commit them to the repository, all without leaving the Google Developers Console; d) Cloud Debugger – Cloud Source Repositories work with the Google Cloud Debugger, which lets you inspect the state of Java applications running on Google Compute Engine and App Engine without stopping them or slowing them down; e) Reliable Storage – Cloud Source Repositories reside on highly-replicated backend storage systems distributed geographically across multiple data centers and run on infrastructure proven for reliability; f) Free Beta – This Beta release of Cloud Source Repositories provides free hosting of up to 500 MB of storage. This will be added to Grid, Distributed and Cloud Computing Resources Subject Tracer™.

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