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Cohuman – Share and Track Tasks with Coworkers and Friends

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Cohuman – Share and Track Tasks with Coworkers and Friends

Imagine a social network for your tasks. When you share tasks with coworkers and friends, Cohuman is aware of how all your tasks are related. That’s what Cohuman is – a Task Network. In the same way you keep track of your colleagues and friends via services like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, they empower you to get status updates on all the tasks you’re connected to. Cohuman is a coordination solution, not a collaboration solution. There’s a difference. Collaboration seeks to share knowledge, or achieve consensus – many people holding hands. Email threads, project management tools, wikis and the like allow us to collaborate and be on the same page – literally. But they have failed us spectacularly when it comes to identifying our priorities or remembering what we’ve asked others to do. Coordination is the defining characteristic of being organized. Coordination is about knowing who needs to do what when, and having insight into the status of things. Cohuman seeks to coordinate your tasks and the tasks of those around you so that everyone knows precisely what they need to do. That’s what they are aiming for. A solution that will allow you to: 1) See everything you need to do in one place and prioritize your day; 2) Share tasks with others and follow their status; 3) Reduce the amount of emails you receive and send to others; and 4) Trust you are not forgetting to do anything. This has been added to the tools section of Research Resources Subject Tracer™ Information Blog.

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