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Complementary Health Practice Review

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Complementary Health Practice Review

Complementary Health Practice Review is one of the few resources that offers the cultural, social, demographic, political, economic, and legal implications of the use of alternative and complementary therapies as well as original basic and applied research from a wide range of health and social science disciplines. In every issue, Complementary Health Practice Review examines significant topics and trends that are shaping alternative and complementary health practice. Original and peer-reviewed articles address theoretical aspects of holistic health and discuss educational, legal, legislative, and policy developments influencing evidence-based complementary and alternative health practice. Historical, socio-cultural, and humanistic research helps provide a broad contextual basis for the clinically oriented content, which includes original clinical research, case reports, and expert reviews of clinical issues. The multidisciplinary nature of the journal illuminates relationships not often found in more specialized journals and fosters information exchange across disciplines and dialogue among health professional in new and effective ways. Some of the vital topics seen in recent issues include:

* Traditional Healing in Alaskan Native Societies
* Teaching Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) to Medical, Nursing, Public Health, and Pharmacy Students
* Botanical Treatments for Prostatic Disease
* Transforming Hospitals into Healing Environments: Planetree Patient-Centered Care
* The Research Agenda at the NIH
* Consumers¹ Personal Theories of Health
* Surgery and Herbal Healing
* Naturopathic Medical Education
* Cultural Diversity in Health Care
* Credentialing and Professional Standards.

The journal features several departments including: At the NIH, Book and Video Reviews, Conference Comments, Editorials, Educational Programs, News and Views, Research Abstracts, and Resources and Research. This will be added to Healthcare Resources 2006 Internet MiniGuide.

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