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Cost-Benefit Advocacy Toolkit

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Cost-Benefit Advocacy Toolkit

This toolkit is comprised of: a) A User Guide; b) Three Factsheets (Benefits, Costs, and Return on Investment); c) Four Case Studies from Social Science Data Archives (ADP in Slovenia, FSD in Finland, LiDA in Lithuania, and UKDS in the UK); and d) Two Worksheets (the Archive Development Canvas, and the Benefits Summary for a Data Archive). In addition, the toolkit describes and links to a number of pre-existing external tools and relevant studies. There is also a mapping of the other toolkit components onto the Archive Development Canvas. The toolkit has been developed for its primary audience of staff in existing or proposed national social science archives in Europe. However we expect the toolkit may be of interest to other audiences even if it is not specifically tailored and adapted for them. The major use for the toolkit will be supporting funding and business cases but elements are likely to be relevant in advocacy to other groups or in supporting broader operational tasks. Creative Commons licensing is intended to allow you to easily re-use locally any material from the factsheets, case studies, or worksheets in the toolkit. This will be added to the tools section of Research Resources Subject Tracer™.

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