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Course Buffet – Handcrafted Online Learning Experience

Posted by Marcus Zillman

Course Buffet – Handcrafted Online Learning Experience

CourseBuffet organizes MOOCs and online college courses so you can find, compare, and get the most value out of these learning resources. They believe the promise of the internet lower the barrier to knowledge and empower learners of all walks of life has not been fully realized. All courses in one place … They find and organize free college courses from over 17 platforms and 200+ universities, enabling you to search for them in one spot. No more sorting through random videos and incomplete courses. Make your learning buffet today with awesome courses from top universities. Individually examined and classified … They examine every single course and classify it using the CourseBuffet classification system. They show you the approximate level a course would be at a traditional university and which courses are roughly equivalent. This allows you to easily compare courses and know which order to take them. Better search results … They combine CourseBuffet classification with tagging so you can find the courses that work for you immediately. Spend your time learning not searching. This will be added to Tutorial Resources Subject Tracer™.

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